Easy to do Business With

Since our family-owned company started in 1956, we've made sure one thing about our operations remained the same throughout the years. And that's living up to our motto on a daily basis.

Partnering with us is like becoming an extended Hardec's family member. Here, you're one of us. We want you to feel comfortable, confident, and important. So it's not uncommon to find our team going the extra mile whenever we can just to please our family of customers.

Hardec's entrance.
Three pictures of some of the original Hardec's delivery vans.

Hardec's was formed out of the purchase of traditional wholesaler Baxter Candy and Tobacco Co. And it was Baxter route driver John Simpson who, despite being deaf and mute, set the standard for our company-wide commitment to delivering genuine customer service.

Our current staff of well trained and knowledgeable employees are proud to carry on the John Simpson tradition, striving to achieve total satisfaction no matter the circumstance. It is our no-hassle business policy that we uphold with all our customers, that makes us unique. 

Automation has supplanted the days of John Simpson but Hardec's foundation is solid. As our company grows each year we still have one focus, service. We must carry the products the customer wants on their shelves and we must be priced competitive, but our foundation is customer service. It is our history and our future.

Don't Forget!
Our annual trade show is July 31th. Mark your calenders, you don't want to miss it!! Click here for more info or download the announcement!

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